PRB: Additional steps when changing or renaming the database in 10.X

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This article applies to:

  • Trustwave MailMarshal (SEG) 10.0.X
  • Database name or location change 
  • Upgrade


  • Trustwave SEG database name or location was changed using the Server Tool.
  • During later upgrade the installer reports database settings are corrupt.
  • After later upgrade the Array Manager cannot start. The Array Manager log shows the database version is incorrect.


  • In the named versions, changing the database name or location using the Server Tool does not update the Registry location used by the installer. Symptoms seen on later upgrade differ depending on the continued presence of the old database.


  1. To avoid the later installer issue:
    • When you change the database name or location, also update the Registry entries (DatabaseName and/or DatabaseServer) at 
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Trustwave\Secure Email Gateway\Manager\Database
  2. To recover from the installer issue if it occurs:
    • In the Server Tool, change to another database. It is safest to enter a new database name. This is a temporary database that will never be used. Do not start the Array Manager. 
    • Next, change to the production database (server name and database name). The database will be upgraded and used. 
    • Start services. There is no need to rejoin nodes.
    • To avoid future issues, update the Registry entry as above.

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