HOWTO: How do I change the MailMarshal HELO name?

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  • Trustwave MailMarshal (SEG)


How do I change the MailMarshal HELO name?


By default, MailMarshal uses the fully qualified host name of the server as its HELO name (such as servername.domain.com).

It is possible to change the default HELO name that MailMarshal uses.

When choosing the new HELO name, to avoid having email rejected by other servers, be aware of the following:
  • The HELO name MUST be a valid Fully Qualified Domain Name such as seg.example.com (do not use a server name or a .local domain suffix)
  • The HELO name should match the From address of outgoing email if possible (seg.example.com is a good choice of HELO name when sending email from ...@example.com)
    • This will not always be possible since some servers send email from more than one domain
  • The PTR record for the IP address should match the HELO name (Again this may not always be possible)

All of the above could be used by email servers to validate the source of email.


This is a Node-specific setting, and it may be necessary to configure each node as desired.

  1. Open MailMarshal Configurator or MailMarshal (SEG) 10 Management Console.
  2. Select Server and Array Configuration > Servers or Management > Mail Servers
  3. Edit the specific node or server.
  4. Enter the desired HELO name under Advanced | Server Host Name.


  •  You can also change the server name and version information in the message headers and greeting string (used when receiving mail). See Trustwave Knowledgebase article Q10436.

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