HOWTO: Stopping Windows media player streaming audio

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HOWTO: Stopping Windows media player streaming audio

This article applies to:

  • WebMarshal 3.X
  • WebMarshal 2.X


How do I stop Windows Media Player streaming audio or video?


  • For WebMarshal 6.0 and above, see the Notes below.

WebMarshal 3.X can easily block streaming media with a Content rule. The rule could look something like the following:

When a web request is received
For any User
And where addressed to any URL
Where the file type is 'ASF'

Block Access and display 'FileBlocked' page
And do not process any further rules

If using the WebMarshal default rules, there are two rules that need to be investigated.

  • Permit Streaming Media
  • Block multimedia

If the first rule, 'Permit Streaming Media' triggers, the user will be granted access to streaming media, thus preventing 'Block Multimedia' from being tested.  Note that the order is very important when evaluating rules in this way.

Additional Considerations:

Windows Media Player (and other streaming media applications) can connect using a number of different protocols, including RTSP and MMS. WebMarshal only filters HTTP and HTTPS, not these other protocols.

If your goal is to block streaming media, be sure your firewall or ISA server is configured to block these other streaming media protocols.

If your goal is to permit some streaming media, configure your firewall or ISA server to permit these protocols.


WebMarshal 6.X and 7.X provide significantly improved support for detection, management, and streaming of media content. For more information about these abilities, see the User Guide.

For more information about WebMarshal Connection Rules, see Trustwave Knowledgebase articles Q12021 and Q12241.

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