INFO: What ports need to be open in my firewall for MailMarshal SMTP?

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INFO: What ports need to be open in my firewall for MailMarshal SMTP?

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  • Trustwave SEG/MailMarshal SMTP


What ports need to be open in my firewall for MailMarshal SMTP?



The table below details the various ports used by Trustwave SEG/MailMarshal SMTP:

Port Direction Source Destination Required for Versions Explanation
tcp/25 Both Mail Processing Nodes All All MailMarshal SMTP must be able to send and receive data on port 25 for SMTP communications to the outside world.
Outbound All MailMarshal SMTP Components DNS servers specified in MailMarshal SMTP configuration All MailMarshal SMTP uses port 53 to query DNS servers during PTR checking, blacklist lookups, authentication, and when sending email to an external recipient.
Outbound Controller (5.5.x)

Array Manager (6.x and above) 5.5.x and above The automatic updates feature connects to periodically to download new SpamCensor updates (and occasionally updates to other functionality, depending on version) using HTTP and HTTPS.
Outbound Node Controller (7.1 and above)

Receiver (6.5 and above)

Engine (6.7 through 6.9)
Any 6.5 and above Various functions of the MailMarshal processing node require HTTP and HTTPS access. IP addresses and URLS are not limited to a known set.

Notably for use of TLS (version 7.1 and above) the Controller must be able to access Certificate Revocation Lists that could be published at any valid URL.
tcp/110 Incoming All Mail Processing Nodes All If the MailMarshal POP3 server is being used, incoming access to port 110 is required for clients to retrieve their mail.
tcp/389 Outgoing Controller (5.5.x and below)

Array Manager (6.x and above)
Active Directory Domain Controllers/LDAP Servers 5.5.x and above Outbound access to port 389 is required if MailMarshal retrieves groups from Active Directory or another LDAP server, if Active Directory is used for SMTP AUTH, or if email addresses are retrieved automatically from AD for the Spam Quarantine Management website.
tcp/1433 Outgoing Controller (5.5.x and below)

Array Manager (6.x and above)
SQL Server All Outbound access to port 1433 on the SQL server is required if logging is used in 5.5.x and below.

Outbound access to port 1433 on the SQL server is mandatory for 6.x and above.
tcp/19001 Incoming Controller (6.x and above)

MailMarshal Configurator

MailMarshal Console

MailMarshal Web Components (6.x and above)
Controller (5.5.x and below)

Array Manager (6.x and above)
All The Controller must be able to contact the Array Manager to receive configuration updates, service commands, etc.

The Configurator, Console, and Web Components must talk to the Controller or Array Manager (depending on version) in order to function.

Note: The Array Manager should be installed in the trusted network. Connection from the Configurator to the Array Manager requires NetBIOS ports (135-139) and Trustwave recommends you DO NOT open these ports through your firewall. See Trustwave Knowledgebase article Q10026.

tcp/19001 Incoming Array Manager Controller 6.x and above The Array Manager must be able to contact the Controller server to check node status, and various other administrative tasks.
tcp/135-tcp/139 Incoming Controller MailMarshal Configurator 5.5.x and below The Configurator uses remote registry calls to access the MailMarshal configuration, and NetBIOS ports must be opened to accomplish this.



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