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INFO: Safe Search with

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  • R3000 Enterprise Filter


  • Does the R3000 provide a Safe Search option for the Microsoft Search engine


The R3000 enforces the safe search option in in the R3000 v2.2.10 software update release (June 18, 2009).

Trustwave worked with Microsoft to ensure that your users are protected from objectionable search results on Microsoft has done a few things to help on this issue.
First Microsoft has changed Bing so that all material that they deem as explicit will be served from the servers listed below. This change went into effect at 6PM on 6/10/2009. These servers were listed in our Adult Content category prior to the change going into effect.
On the Safe Search front Microsoft has implemented a change which makes the inclusion of safe search much easier through the use of a URL variable, as opposed to the previous cookie based method.
The explicit servers identified by Microsoft that are now in the Adult content category are:


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