INFO: Additions to Release Notes for Trustwave SEG 8.0

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INFO: Additions to Release Notes for Trustwave SEG 8.0

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  • Trustwave SEG 8.0


  • What are the Release Notes for Trustwave SEG 8.0?


Trustwave SEG version 8.0.6 ( was released on March 6, 2018.

The Release Notes included with the product are accurate as of the date of publication.

This article provides any additional information or corrections generated after that date.

SpamProfiler Issue

SEG 8.0.2 and above includes a fix for an issue with SpamProfiler. This fix was previously available as a hotfix to release 8.0.0. Customers using 8.0.0 should install either the hotfix, or the latest release.


Note that SEG 8.X is a 64 bit application.

  • Upgrade from 7.X migrates most settings and files to a new location.
  • You must install new (64 bit) versions of virus scanners on each processing node and allow engine and signature updates to complete BEFORE upgrading SEG from 7.X to 8.X. Downloading the initial engine and signatures can take up to 15 minutes.
  • If you require any SEG services to run as specific accounts, after upgrade you must edit the new services and set the account credentials. By default the new services run under the local system account.
  • Folder retention issue: An issue with folder retention on upgrade (affecting retention values over 68 years) was fixed in release 8.0.5.
  • Upgrade from 7.X to 8.0 on a Terminal Services server is not supported. In this scenario you can fully back up the configuration of the 7.X installation, uninstall (leaving the folder and contents in place), install 8.0, and import the configuration. Trustwave does not recommend running SEG in production on a Terminal Services server, due to possible resource conflicts between terminal sessions and other server applications.
  • Read release notes carefully before starting the upgrade.

Upgrade from an earlier 8.X release is a standard upgrade.

8.0.3 RPC version change

SEG 8.0.3 and above components are not compatible with earlier 8.0 releases.

  • When upgrading to 8.0.3 or above, you must upgrade all components including the Array Manager, processing servers, and user interfaces.

File Type and Unpacker updates

SEG 8.0.6 as released includes File Type DLL version 8.0.2 and Unpacker DLL version 8.0.2.

Updates to the File Type and Unpacker DLLs are published as required. For details of the most recent changes including the Release Notes, see article Q20446.

CountryCensor not supported

The CountryCensor technology is not available for SEG 8.X. If you still have rules that use this deprecated feature, you must remove them from the configuration before upgrading. This requirement is enforced by the installer version 8.0.2 and above. For details, see article Q20859.

Operating System support - SBS 2011

Installation of SEG 8.0 is supported on SBS 2011.

Browser support - Web Components

  • The Web Admin Console works with Internet Explorer. Current IE versions require Compatibility View.
  • SQM works with current versions of major browsers.

Known Issues

For a list of known issues in the latest release, see article Q21009.

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