INFO: Current Known Issues for latest released version

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INFO: Current Known Issues for latest released version

This article applies to:

  • WebMarshal (Current Release)
  • WebMarshal 7.3.X


  • What are the known issues in the latest release of WebMarshal?
  • What are the latest changes and resolved issues in WebMarshal?

Resolved Issues:

For details of the latest changes and resolved issues, see the Release Notes for WebMarshal 7.3.

Known Issues and Limitations:

  • In release 7.3.1 when upgraded from some earlier versions, the engine can stop unexpectedly. Engine text logs show "One of the plugins crashed while it was running its rules over the user request."
    • A hotfix is available for this issue. Contact Support for assistance.
    • This issue will be corrected in a forthcoming release.
  • WebSockets connections from Chrome using NTLM cannot be authenticated. This issue is under investigation, and currently seen as a limitation of the Chrome browser.


  • For further assistance, contact Trustwave Support or your reseller support organization.

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