Latest Updates for Secure Email Gateway

Version Date
SpamCensor: 3029 December 5, 2019
Advanced Malware and Exploit Detection (AMAX):
(SEG 7.5 and above)
333 December 4, 2019
Zero Day Threats:
(Also used by Email Content Manager for Exchange)
1409 December 5, 2019

Updates are for: Trustwave SEG/MailMarshal SMTP 7.2.3 + | Trustwave ECM/MailMarshal Exchange 7.0 +

Latest Updates for Secure Web Gateway

Publish Date Rule Name Severity
2015-04-01Generic Neutrino Flash DetectionCritical
2015-04-01Generic Malicious Flash Detection (Var C)Critical
2015-08-26Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Vulnerability(CVE-2015-2444)Medium
2015-08-26Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Vulnerability in JScript (CVE-2015-2419)Medium
2015-08-13Exploit Attempt DetectedMedium