I recently attempted to go to a certain web site. I received a page that stated my access was denied. Why was Access Denied?


  • Your access was denied because the school, company, or other organization where you connect to the web has chosen to block the site.

How can I get access?

  • You can talk to the network help desk, school principal, or whoever is responsible for deciding the web policies at your organization or service provider.

Why am I seeing this FAQ page?

  • The organization that provides your web access uses a web filtering system that is developed and sold by our company, Trustwave.

I just want the site unblocked!

  • Trustwave cannot unblock a site for a user - we do not have control over the access policies at our customers' sites.
  • If you think that a website should not be blocked, please contact your network help desk or service provider.
  • If you are the administrator of a Trustwave product and need assistance with blocking or unblocking a URL, please refer to the documentation for your product, or the Trustwave Knowledge Base.

Who is Trustwave?

  • Among other services, Trustwave provides Internet filtering appliances and URL categorization services to schools, businesses, Internet Service Providers and government agencies. Our customers have full administrative control of the servers. Our customers set web access policies and determine which services and web sites their users/clients are allowed to access.